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5th Grade Local Efforts

Great Job Keegan!!

more about "5th Grade Local Efforts", posted with vodpod


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Missoula Art Experience ~ 2009

What an amazing day! Enjoy…


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Jane Goodall: Helping Point the Way to a Better World | the Jane Goodall Institute

This week we are reading an expository nonfiction article by Jane Goodall titled 10 Ways to Help Save the World. In the article, she mentions joining her youth organization Roots and Shoots. Her site describes Roots and Shoots as:

“…a powerful, youth-driven, global network of more than 8,000 groups in almost 100 countries. Together, youth of all ages are taking action to improve our world through service learning projects that promote care and concern for animals, the environment and the human community.”

Watch the video below to learn a little more about what Jane Goodall is doing to promote wildlife conservation. After watching the video, we encourage you to share your thoughts about what you have learned and what you think about this important issue. We will be making posters illustrating Jane Goodall’s “10 Ways” soon, so stop back soon to see what we came up with!

Okay, so admittedly, I am posting this video simply because it is cute…enjoy!

Some interesting wildlife sites to explore:

Animal Planets: Wild 100

National Geographic Kids

PBS Nature

Zaboomafoo (Yep, that Zaboomafoo)


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What I Found on My Classroom Fridge Today…Thanks to the Student that Wrote It. You are Very Wise and Kind…

Fridge Magnets


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The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done Over Summer Break…

Welcome students! Feel free to browse around and see what we did last year, then return here to post your thoughts. But, before you comment here, make sure you review our guidelines for blogging.

Please respond in a complete paragraph (more if needed) to the prompt above. I have posted an example for you to follow. Find a way to creatively restate the prompt into your response, then add details to support your answer (you’ll hear that phrase quite often this year:). If you ever find that a prompt does not apply to you…you may “tweak” it a bit. Perhaps you can’t think of one event that stands out from your summer breaks, you may begin: “One of the things I love to do in the summer is…” or, maybe summer isn’t your favorite time of year, you may begin: “Because I hate the heat of the summer, I’ll describe the best thing I did last winter. My family and I…” Many options here…how you express your ideas through writing is the most important part.

To reply to a prompt:

1. Click on “Leave a Comment”

2. Type your name in the name field (First name only)

3. Copy and paste the url for our blog into the “Website” field (ask me if you need help…skip it if I’m not handy)

4. Type your comment in the comment area

5. Read and edit your comment, edit errors that you notice (If you want, you can ask someone else to read also…peer editing can be very helpful)

6. When you’re happy with your comment, click “Submit Comment”

7. Have fun!!


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Welcome Students Old and New…


Hello all! I found a new site I’d like to try out. Please stop by our Wall and post a goal you have for next year. Though I worded it for 6th Grade (assuming students from last year may drop by), if you are a student of mine past or present…please post, I’d love to learn more about you. You are welcome to link to a video, picture or song…just be sure to keep your audience in mind. Refer to our blog rules if you need some guidelines. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer, and thanks for stopping by!


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