Poppy by Avi

poppyISBN# 13-9780380727698

I read a book titled Poppy for my book review. There are many characters, but the main characters were Miss Poppy and Mr. Oxlac. Miss Poppy is young and her parents are nice and kind. Her father is teh head chair of the deer mouse, and Hermon is a home mouse. She takes care of both of them. They live in a bounded barn. Poppy and her father go to Mr. Oxlac and ask permission to go into a new house. Mr. Oxlac declined it, and now Poppy is going to the new house without permission. Mr. Oxlac is trying to get Poppy! She is SO close to getting to the new house, but Mr. Oxlac comes and almost gets her. Mr. Oxlac really hates it when someone disobeys him, and eats those that do. Mr Oxlac is an owl and he protects the deer mouse clan from their enemy, the porcupines. 

The reason I picked this book is because it had adventure and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I love that you finish wondering if there is another book. It is a great cliffhanger. 

Reviewed by: Daniel


One response to “Poppy by Avi

  1. I like the cover of the book! The little mouse is so cute!

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