Alabama Animoto Challenge

Remember when we had the video-conference with the class from R.A. Mitchell Elementary school in Gadsden, Alabama? This is a short video they put together. Take a look and comment on what you see…

Challenge…try to identify who and what you see by including the specific name(s) in your comment (test your research and observation skills). Good luck!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 responses to “Alabama Animoto Challenge

  1. Lizzie

    Hey! C.S. Porter is so totally awesome! (oh ya) Anyway, do you mind if I steal this song for a sec? Dante has quite a roll here! Do you wanna know? Okay I’ll tell ya! (oh ya) Me, him, and a girl named Kendall must “create” a song about Satchel Paige. He lived in Mobile, Alabama. (this is where the song kicks in) So I am bringing in my brother’s old toy guitar and I me and Kendall want Dante to get down on his knees and rock and roll. (oh ya) In other words, he’s gotta sing. (sorta) Thanks,
    Lizzie!!!!!!! (that’s me :})

  2. Sounds like a great project Lizzie! Have fun with it and keep me posted.

  3. Lizzie

    Oh it was fun. Kendall ended getting the cold a little so her voice sounded really crackly and AWESOME!!! Dante was awesome, I was just little sound effects like doos and dahs, and Kendall did an awesome job at “singing.” I think we got a good grade.

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