Blog Rules

First of all, I’d like to welcome you all to our virtual space for discussions. Here you will find prompts to respond to on a variety of subjects: hobbies, out-of-school activities, experiences you’ve had, world issues, books you’re reading, Social Studies topics, and Science concepts. I will post a prompt and you will add a comment after that post. You won’t be able to see your post right away, because it will come to me first in case we need to do some team editing before publishing. Please, if you have ideas for a prompt, let me know…you can set them up too…this is a site for all of us. Also, as always, it is very important for us to be polite and respectful with each other. I will keep an eye on this the best I can, but it is up to you to let me know if you have been offended by anyone. You will have opportunities to respond to each others comments, but only if I have assigned that task with the original prompt. I think this can be a really fun way to practice our writing and technology skills while we share our ideas and thoughts. Have fun with it!
General blog rules:
• Only ever use your first name or a nickname when you are writing on this site, other blogs, social sites or wikis.
• Never use any other student’s last name.
• Never post any personal information–such as your home phone number or home address on this site, other blogs, social sites or wikis.
• Never share any of you usernames or passwords with anyone and never log in as another student.
• Always tell your parents or teacher right away if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
• Remember the “grandma rule” that anything you put on the internet could be read by your grandmother so only write things you could say to the nicest of grannies.
• Be a good online citizen and never write or post anything that could hurt anyone else.
• Always check with an adult if someone asks for your phone number or to meet you.
• Never make arrangements to meet anyone over the internet without telling your parents.
• Make sure you publish only your own work. Don’t under any circumstances use other people’s work and call it your own.
• Make sure that you read over your writing before you post it to check the spelling and that it reads okay.


4 responses to “Blog Rules

  1. Natalie

    Hey, wait…hay is for horses. Anyway, hi Mrs.anderson. I’m having trouble with that Math Expressions student login. When I go to the website and type in my username and password it asks me if I want to save the password and i say “no”. Then I wait and then a bubble comes up that says there was something wrong and I need contact you. What do I do?

  2. Hey there Natalie! I’m glad you’re trying it out! I’m not exactly sure what the problem is that you’re having. I went through the same steps you went through on two different computers and it worked fine. I’m wondering if you aren’t typing in the username and password correctly. I’m not allowed to post that information here, but I could visit with you at school tomorrow about it. Remember that the username is your first name and last initial, and the password is the same one that we use for Plato and Tutpup only it has a 5 at the end. Does that help?

  3. Lizzie (a last year student:))

    Man Mrs. Anderson! You’re helpful!

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