Montana Cinquains

Following our Skype conference call, Ms. Baber (one of the University of Montana pre-service teachers working in our room this semester) asked if she could lead a poetry lesson. She wanted to guide the students in writing a cinquain poem about Montana as a way to extend the experience we had visiting with Mrs. Goodwinks class in Alabama. The students in my reading group had the opportunity to write these poems then share them with the whole class using our school’s new document camera. The document camera allowed the whole class to both read the poem and see the illustrations in an easy and convenient way.

There are two different forms of cinquain poems; one which focuses on using specific parts of speech and one that focuses on the use of syllables. Ms. Baber chose to use the latter to foster deeper thinking and problem solving. 


Line 1: 2 Syllables

Line 2: 4 Syllables

Line 3: 6 Syllables

Line 4: 8 Syllables

Line 5: 1-2 Syllable(s)















2 responses to “Montana Cinquains

  1. Ms. Baber

    Great, great work everyone! I had an awesome time working with you all on this project. Your poems and artwork are beautiful. I love Hannah’s line about ” damp, muddy goo between the toes.” It makes me want to go barefoot and run through the mud.

    Thanks for working so hard on this project everyone, you are so talented!

  2. Even though I didn’t get to finish mine (yet) it was really fun to make these poem projects! Thanks Mrs. Baber!

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