Flush by Carl Hiaasen



Flush: by Carl Hiaasen

ISBN# 978-0-375–84185-9

      I give this book a thumbs up because it’s a fast moving, fun, and will keep- you- on- the- edge- of- your- seat kind of book. For example, the main characters dad has anger issues. He punched holes in the door and walls fracturing his fingers! He also was under house arrest at the same time!

    The main character in this book is Noah, who is about 10 or 11 years old. His goal in life is to bust Dusty Muleman, who owns a casino boat. Noah, his dad, and his sister Abby are trying to prove that Dusty dumps all of his casino boat waste into the ocean. The only problem is when the coast guard comes to inspect. A guy that works for the coast guard owes Dusty a lot of money from gambling on Dusty’s boat; the man is repaying Dusty by warning him two or three days before the inspectors come. That way, Dusty can empty his sewage tank into the ocean without being caught.

     To me, this book was very funny; from when the old lady was trying to break in on Noah with “sweat dripping down her face” to when Noah was flipped ten feet out of the water by a giant manatee while he was swimming back to shore. One part I didn’t like was when Shelly beat up Lice Peaking with a rake.

     I would recommend this book because Carl Hiaasen can draw young reader’s in hook, line and sinker. The opening paragraph, “The deputy told me to empty my pockets: two quarters, a penny, a stick of bubblegum, and a roll of grip tape for my skateboard. It was pitiful.”, made me want to keep on reading. I would recommend this book to anyone ages 10 to 15 because of some mature, strong, expressive language.

Reviewed by: Nate


3 responses to “Flush by Carl Hiaasen

  1. I really enjoyed “Hoot” and I wondered if I would like to read “Flush”. After this review, I think I will read the book. Thank you for helping me make up my mind.
    Mr. C

  2. lexi

    i read the book “flush” and thought it was a fun and fast moving book. it had some expressive languague. but it was very good and i would recomend it to any young reader.

  3. reiley

    i think flush is anawesome book its fun fast moving they swere sometimes but its cool i would recomend it to any reader 10 yrs and up hope you like it :]

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