The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

lightning-thiefAuthor: Rick Riordan

ISBN# 0-7868-3865-5

“Look, I never wanted to be a half-blood.”

     Percy Jackson is a twelve year-old misfit struggling to find his place in the world; but when he finds out that he’s a son of the ancient Greek God Poseidon, life doesn’t get any easier. Since Percy’s a son of Poseidon, the camp for half-bloods that he goes to eventually gives him a quest (which hasn’t been given in several years because the last quest went haywire.) Now it’s up to you to figure out whether Percy succeeds in his quest to save the world.

     I think The Lightning Thief is a delightful read for fiction-lovers. Action, suspense, and a mysterious puzzle behind the entire plot also make this a must read for all readers who like being captured in the book.

     I would recommend this book to fourth and fifth graders because the description makes you feel like you’re going along right with the characters, while trying to unravel the plot.

Reviewed by: Tanner

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2 responses to “The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

  1. Loved the slide-show you did Tanner!

  2. Miss Campbell

    Thank-you for the great review. I want to read this book next and might get it for a young family member.

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