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Let’s Go Blog Hopping!!!

In this new venture into technology use in the classroom, I’m finding that through our connecting with the global world, we all benefit. We need each other…it is fun to share, discuss, and learn from others. For that reason, I am borrowing this blog topic from our friend Mr. C. (Thanks Mr. C!)

This week we are going to go commenting on some classroom blogs! Please leave a comment on at least two of the blogs listed below. Remember, do not use your last name. Please link back to this blog when they ask for a URL (copy and paste from the address bar).

Make sure your comments are positive and relevant (they should have something to do with what is posted). Think through what to say before you craft your writing. Please remember these students and teachers are important and deserve your best work

Mr. C’s Class Blog ~ Noel, Missouri

Geography 6 ~ Fredericksburg, Virginia

Little Voices, Little Scholars  ~ Auckland, New Zealand

Live and Learn ~ Missouri

My Web World ~ New Zealand

The Official Blog of the Daraja Academy ~ Kenya, Africa (WatchWelcome to Daraja video before commenting on the blog).

When you’re finished, stop back here and comment on the wonderful things you saw and learned about. Enjoy!!



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What Books do You Like to Read?

We are wondering what you like to read! Please respond to our poll. We plan to make a graph when we’re finished, so check back later to see the results. If you would like, you can also add an explanation to the comment strand describing why you chose the books you chose. It is fun to read other readers opinions. Thanks for taking the time to help us with this project! 

*If you choose “other”, please write the title of your favorite series or book in the green bar provided. We will think of these as book referrals, so please limit choices to titles appropriate for fifth grade..thanks!

If you have time, please also post “others” in the comment strand …we’d love our readers to see the compiled list as well. 



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