The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done Over Summer Break…

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8 responses to “The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done Over Summer Break…

  1. Last summer, I completed another one of my lifetime goals. For the second time, I participated in a 185 mile relay run from Spokane Washington to Sandpoint Idaho (with a midnight ride on Silverwood’s Tremors Roller-Coaster!) For me I can honestly say this is something I never thought I would be able to do…(especially not twice!) Just goes to show, if you set a goal for yourself…you just may reach it (and crazy enough…I’m planning to do it again next summer too!)!

    Another great thing I do in the summer is I take my kids to the splash park near our house. We all have a great time splashing around in the water to avoid the heat of the summer sun. A blanket, sandwiches, sprayers, and Dilly Bars…doesn’t get much better than that!

  2. Gaomong

    The best summer I have ever had was when I went to Silverwood. I went there this summer. I went with my cousins and we rode the Tremors Roller Coaster and other rides. It was fun. I use to be afraid of the big rides but when I go on it and scream it helps me not to be afraid because when I go I scream all my energy out. I hope I can go to Silverwood again.

    This summer I also went to the fair. My cousin and I went on the Zipper like a million times. We went on other rides too.

    One night me and Iendoara (that’s my cousin) stayed up all night this summer. It was fun, we danced like crazy and ate a lot of candy. It was so much fun. I want to do it on a weekend.

  3. Dylan

    The best thing I did this summer was go to Chicago and watch the cubs play. I also went to my favorite water park, it was huge. What was really cool was I got to see Micheal Jordan get inducted into the hall of fame. What I liked was I got to see my favorite baseball player. It was really cool when I got to go 94 floors in the air, and could see the whole city of Chicago.

    Another thing I really like to do is to go to the lake and go camping. I also really love to go down my big water slide at my house.

    That’s my summer bye.

  4. Callie

    This summer I went camping with my dad,and one of my brothers.It was fun. I caught lots of fish, it was also fun because I got to get firewood for the fire.This summer I also signed up to play Little Grizzly football.I’m on the Hoageville Team.It is a lot of fun playing football even if im the only girl on my team. My team and I have won three games already, and the season is almost over.It seems like the season just started and now its almost over.

  5. kennadi

    This summer was the worst summer ever, and the best.Let me start at the begging My sister has a heart condition called scimitar sendrme so we went to Seattle Children’s hospital. The fun part was I got to have a fun time in Seattle. After Maddie’s surgery I went home with my grandma and my dad. My mom and grandpa and cousin stayed with my sister. It was hard because they didn’t come home for a long time. Then finally my mom came home and my dad flew up because my mom didn’t know when they where going to let her come home. The next day my sister came home. I was super happy to see her , I wanted to give he a huge hug,but I thought I might hurt her.Luckily she is better now and it is like this horrible summer never happened.I really don’t care as long every is all right

  6. Two summers ago I went to Jamaica!!!!It was the funest week of my live. I got cornrolls in my hair.I got to see a sting ray and a jelly fish it was scary.I got to have ice cream all the time it was so fun.We had crab fights we caught two crabs and put them in a hole.This year I am going with my whole family like my grandma and grandpa.

  7. quois

    This summer I had a lot of fun. My favorite thing was when I went to silverwood theme park with my cousin. it was a rainy day so no one was there.I also went to my grandmas cabin in Idaho. After that I went to silverwood a few more times. My cousin came to live with with us for the summer and basically just played video games the whole time but he was fun to have around. Then just recently my moms car was backed into so now there is a big dent in the door now. But I had a good summer.

  8. Kennadi Hunter

    you rock Mrs. Anderson

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