Instant Millionaire…What Would YOU Do…

stack-of-moneyImagine that you have just won a million dollars. What would you do? Write a narrative(description) about how you would probably react, how you would spend the money, and what would happen.

Remember, don’t just say what you want to do with the money, but write about how you and your life might change. Think of your habits and behaviors now and use that information to help you.


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9 responses to “Instant Millionaire…What Would YOU Do…

  1. Lizzie

    My life would change because I would become the happiest girl on the face of this Earth!!! All I would spend it on would be a new decor for my room, a trip to see my Aunt, Uncle, a new cousin in Rhode Island (even though I already am going to in October!!!!!) and another trip to the American Girl place!!!!! I am obsessed with American Girl now!!! Then with all the rest I would give some to mom to help her pay for her car (which got hit twice and NEEDS a new wind shield) and donate all the rest to the local Humane Society. My hobbies I do now are biking, and listining to music so I could also spend some money on that on a new mountain bike or IPod since the one I have is the OLD OLD nano and you can’t buy anything for it anymore!! (tear) That’s what I would do with 1 MILLION $$$$$$$!

  2. Marisa

    If I were to win a million dollars I would give $1,000 to my little brother and I would keep $2,000 for myself then give the rest to my mom and dad for health-care,food, medicine, and other things. I would also give some money to people in other countries who don’t have a home or food or any education. I would also use some of my money to help some of the endangered animals from becoming extinct and help not to cut down the rain forests. I would also rescue some of the rare and endangered orchids so they do not become extinct. I would also help by helping enforce the law against animal (mostly elephants) poaching for their tusks.

  3. Natasha

    If I were to win a million dollars I would spend three thousand of that on things for my room in my new house, like I don’t really know… and I would go to the American Girl place and get things for my Our Generation Doll (Robyn) like a bed, pajamas, a school outfit and a bunch of other stuff that I just don’t need. I would give two thousand dollars to my mom and give the other five thousand to the local Human Society.

  4. What I would do with a million$ , I would buy a house and then I would put 25,000 in my bank account then I would buy a play station 3 and buy games for it then I would buy some Xbox 360 games. Then I would give food to the poor and send 20$, then I would buy some food, then I would give 300$ to my dad to spend by him self and no questions asked at all. I would be the happy kid in the world.

  5. Nate

    if I had a million dollars I would get like a $300,000 house and then give $50,000 each to my mom and dad and give $20,000 each to my brother and sister then I would build my own 9 hole golf course and invest in the finest clubs and hire my own caddie I would also get a Lambroghini ! I would put 100,000 into my bank acount for college and I would maybe try to make an NFL team and I would give 250,000 to the salvation Army and build my own Go-kart track and have my friends come over and we would race them I would also get the i phone or the ipod touch for an ipod/phone.

  6. Zack

    I would save it and i wouldn’t spend it.

  7. If I had a million dollars I would go to Disney World and stay a couple days. Then I would fly back to Montana and by big house! It would change my life if I won a million dollars! I would buy a Lamborghini
    and then save the rest.

  8. Chance

    If I had a millon dollars I would give my mom 2,000 dollars and I would give my sister 1,000 and my dad 2,000 dollars for food too. I would only spend it if i need it to.If I came across a homeless person I would give him 500 dollars for good food also.

  9. Katya

    If I were to win 1 million dollers I would give my mom bother and dad 4,000 dollers each of them. for all the rest (mine) I would help people in poor conditions .Also I would ask my mom if we could combine money and get a house. Then I would todally remodel my room and I would get a giant 15 foot fuzzy bean bag.

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