Welcome Students Old and New…


Hello all! I found a new site I’d like to try out. Please stop by our Wall and post a goal you have for next year. Though I worded it for 6th Grade (assuming students from last year may drop by), if you are a student of mine past or present…please post, I’d love to learn more about you. You are welcome to link to a video, picture or song…just be sure to keep your audience in mind. Refer to our blog rules if you need some guidelines. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer, and thanks for stopping by!



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6 responses to “Welcome Students Old and New…

  1. Hannah R.

    Hey Ms. Anderson, how ya doing? I have some books for you, what should I do with them?
    How do you get on to Google Earth?

    Have a good year,

  2. Nate

    Hi Mrs. Anderson, how are you? Do you have any more posts than this one that are new? Hope you and your class have a great year.

  3. Hey Nate! Not too much yet, check back soon though. Did you see the goal setting one? That one was written for you and the rest of last year’s fifth graders. Please contribute if you’d like..make sure you click on the “wall” link, that’s where you can write on the graffiti wall. Click here to go to the post.

  4. Hey Hannah! You can bring the books in anytime you want. Just leave them on my desk or put them in my mailbox in the teacher workroom (if Rosie is there, just ask her). You need to download Google Earth to your computer (as your parents first), click here to go to the link. Have you visited the goal setting wall yet?

  5. Lizzie (a last year student:))

    Hey! How’s it going all of 5th grade?
    I am so tired. i had to get up at 6:00 on SATURDAY!!!! The reason: Lady Griz Halftime show practice. Yes, I play the alto saxophone. The bands from C.S. Porter, Meadow Hill, and Target range schools get together for the lady Griz vs. Portland State game. (shhh, Mr. Zschaechner, (my band teacher) if hiring the Blues Brothers for the show!) We are playing 4 songs. I can’t turn you loose, Gimmie some lovin’, Go Griz go, and Up with Montana.
    Game: Friday, February 12th 2010
    who: Over 200 MCPS kids
    When: 7:00
    ***NOTE*** try to get tickets early. They sell fast.

  6. Lizzie (a last year student:))

    3rd Quarter already!!!! I just finished typing a chapter for my autobiography. Hey! Did anyone come to the Lady Griz show I was talking about? If you did, Thank you. C.S. Porter thanks you for cutting time out of your busy sceduals.
    Talk to ya later,

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