Video Conference via Skype

skype_logo_1_mediumWow! I can’t believe how many things we are trying this year. I am really fortunate to have such an eager and curious class; we have learned so much together already…I can’t wait to see what possibilities the rest of the year holds! 

Tomorrow is our first experiment in video conferencing. A colleague from Gadsden, Alabama and I have connected to provide an amazing opportunity for the students to see inside each others worlds. We are fortunate to be a part of her 50 states project. We can continue to track her visits at this site

We put together this Animoto video to show what our Montana means to us. Check it out.

If you are not able to see the video (pesky filter issues;). Please link to one of these sites: Schooltube or Animoto

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Video conferencing  update: What a great experience! I thought it went really well for our first run. We were able to see into a classroom 1700 miles away! With a bit of a rushed end, we’ve decided to extend this project for a couple of weeks. With Spring Break next week, I’d like you to comment about your general feelings about the video conferencing experience. I would also love for you to pose some questions to our Alabama peers. They will be responding back through this site as well (Alabama friends, simply put your first name where prompted…no need to put an email address or website. Write your comment and click submit. Don’t hesitate to write your own questions back!). I’m looking forward to learning more about all of you through the conversation. Have fun!

*tip: To help us follow the conversation, if you are responding to someone specific name them first (see example below)

Nathan: It is really nice to meet you too! I saw that you like to play soccer; I’ve played for a couple of years too, but football is still my favorite sport to watch on TV. How about you…do you like football too?


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11 responses to “Video Conference via Skype

  1. I am so excited for you guys that you got to talk to Ms. Goodwink’s class. Aren’t they awesome?! They shared some awesome Dr. Seuss things with us. Hopefully we’ll get to talk with your class sometime soon too! Enjoy this awesome experience and be sure to thank your teacher. 🙂

  2. My favorite thing about the video experience was that we learned so much about Alabama. I couldn’t belive it was 70 degrees there today! (moan) I’m glad to hear that you guys are staying nice and warm. (another moan) LUCKY! It was like, what, 20 degrees here on 3-26-09. I do have a question for all you Alabamians, do you like living in that HOT of weather? If so why? Be sure to comment back to Lizzie or Elizabeth! Thanks!

  3. Mrs. Goodwin

    We had such a great time sharing with you all today. I can’t wait to get back to school to share your video and blog with my students! Have a GREAT Spring Break 🙂

  4. What a great experience for all of the classes involved. Please pass along to your students what a wonderful job they did in gathering pictures for the presentation.

  5. Nate

    My favorite part about meeting a class in Alabama is just knowing we were talking to a class 1700 miles a way made me feel awesome, because I have never done anything like it before. But anyway my second favorite part, just like Lizzie said, was getting to know so much about Alabama. Question: To you who live in Alabama, have you ever been in Georgia?

  6. Hi there!
    We are a class of Year 2 children in Auckland, New Zealand and our teacher has just found your blog through Mr. C ‘s class. So here we are saying ‘hello’ to you.
    Room 5 and Mrs She Pt England School, Auckland New Zealand.

  7. I am Lizzie’s brother and yes, Mrs.Anderson I do like football. I play it alot! Infact it is my favorite sport! 🙂

  8. Hannah

    Hey Jenny. My name Hannah and I am a fifth grader at Hawthorne School.
    Hello room 5 how are you doing? I hope your learning. Is it hot in Auckland today, because it’s getting warmer by the minute in Montana. Do you get alot of snow there?
    Jenny type back soon and have some qestions for me and the rest of the class. See ya!

  9. Hi Jenny! I am also a fifth grader at Hawthorne School.
    (like Hannah said) Hello room 5! Comment back soon and have some questions in mind.

  10. Chance

    I like how we did the video conference with you guys. It was really cool! How do you all like it in Alabama? Do you guys like recesses? Hey, by the way, my name is Chance and I’m in the fith grade at Hathorne Elementry School in Missoula Montana.We have k-5 grades here.How about you. How big is your school? Thanks for answering my questions.

  11. Lizzie

    I hope 2009-2010 kids get to try this out! It was R-E-A-L-L-Y FUN!!!

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