Missoula Art Walk

We had a wonderful time at the Missoula Art Museum and the Missoula Public Library! We learned about the history of the art museum, including its transition from Missoula’s first public library to the wonderful showcase for artists it is today. For our tour, the museum highlighted the works of M.A. Papanek-Miller (A Snowman Cares for its Memory of Water), Sister Corita (Sign Language), and Marie Watt (Heirloom). We learned a whole lot of information from both the docents at the museum and the guide at the library; what was your favorite part of the day?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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7 responses to “Missoula Art Walk

  1. Lizzie

    My favorite part of the day was the art project we did at the art museum! We made collage-like things to represent Mariane Papenik-Miller! It was really fun to pick stuff out then glue it onto paper, in layers, and layers, and layers.

  2. Katya

    My favorite part of the day was at the art museum heirloom exhibit. The never-seem-to-end braids were awesome but the the giant blanket made out of the some-125 blankets was huge and cool because it was all hand stiched.

  3. Marisa

    My favorite part of the day was getting to make the collages and see the works by Marry Anne Papanik-Miller. I loved learning how she made her paper she painted on.

  4. It’s is great that you had the opportunity to visit an art museum. Art, in my opinion, often gets left out because of the high-stakes testing in schools. It is good to see your teachers think art is this important.
    Mr. C

  5. Miss Baber

    Thanks so much for a great day exploring the Missoula Art Museum and Public Library. I had a wonderful time watching you create your unique collages and helping you find books at the library.

    I really enjoyed walking through the Heirloom exhibit, it was exciting to see that the wool braid I had weaved had been added onto by another person. It makes me think that we are all connected somehow.

  6. Thanks for coming Ms. Baber! It was a great day for us all. The way our lives flow and weave together amazes me too. The Heirloom exhibit was a timely reminder of the network created by our crossing stories and experiences. Thank you for sharing your memory tag with us, it was a wonderfully personal moment that was very much appreciated. You and Erin will be missed.

  7. I loved the museam but Mrs.Anderson……. needs to update the blog a little bit!!!!!

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