Let’s Go Blog Hopping!!!


In this new venture into technology use in the classroom, I’m finding that through our connecting with the global world, we all benefit. We need each other…it is fun to share, discuss, and learn from others. For that reason, I am borrowing this blog topic from our friend Mr. C. (Thanks Mr. C!)

This week we are going to go commenting on some classroom blogs! Please leave a comment on at least two of the blogs listed below. Remember, do not use your last name. Please link back to this blog when they ask for a URL (copy and paste from the address bar).

Make sure your comments are positive and relevant (they should have something to do with what is posted). Think through what to say before you craft your writing. Please remember these students and teachers are important and deserve your best work

Mr. C’s Class Blog ~ Noel, Missouri

Geography 6 ~ Fredericksburg, Virginia

Little Voices, Little Scholars  ~ Auckland, New Zealand

Live and Learn ~ Missouri

My Web World ~ New Zealand

The Official Blog of the Daraja Academy ~ Kenya, Africa (WatchWelcome to Daraja video before commenting on the blog).

When you’re finished, stop back here and comment on the wonderful things you saw and learned about. Enjoy!!


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22 responses to “Let’s Go Blog Hopping!!!

  1. My in Mrs.C class and I want to know who”s
    blog do you like the best!Little Voices, Little Scholars and this is the one that I like the best.

  2. I did comment on Mr.C’s blog and there is so many cool things out there on it! I think everyone should CHECK IT OUT!

  3. The one thing I have learned about students working on the blog is that it takes twice as long as I think it should. This activity took my students two class periods to complete. I can’t wait for this weeks #Comments4Kids!
    Mr. C

  4. Lizzie

    I also commented on My Web World. The owner of this blog is a little 8yr old boy (his name is Piear) and he uses his blog to learn how to use the internet and web tools! He has done a GREAT job so far!

  5. katya

    I commented on My Web World video on the cool experiment

  6. Lizzie

    When I commented on Mr. C’s blog I commented on the m&m math magic project! They used m&ms to learn how to make percentages and horizontal bar graphs! YUM!!!!!!! I also think our viewers should CHECK IT OUT!

  7. K.J.

    I commented on My Web World on A real web world,think the video is really cool!

  8. Tanner

    I commented on Geography 6 and My Web World, both of which had very interesting posts. Check them out!

  9. katya

    I commented on Little Voices Little Scholars, on the cool dino video.

  10. ana

    I posted on Pier’s blog about his experiment about a folding page.

  11. Hannah

    I commented on Little Vioces Little Scholars. I really liked thier videos. I also commented on My Web World. I really liked the spelling website.

  12. ana

    I posted on the Little voices, little scholars page.

  13. Della

    I visited Pier’s blog and commented “I Am Responsible” and Pier’s blog “My World Blog”
    [ about his project! ]

  14. I blogged on the kid from New Zealands blog. I had never played cricket before, so I thought that it would be cool. I also blogged on that sixth grade class blog that is trying to figure out a title for there blog. I didnt know that there was that many bear and deer in Virginia, there was 7,000 to 9,000 bear and there was over 950,000 deer!

  15. Marisa

    I commented on a post at Geography 6 about Malaysia and how it was cool how they connected with other people. I think they’re blog is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  16. Della

    I visited Piers blog and I commented on the blog called “I am responsible” and the “wind experiment video”.

  17. K.J.

    I commented on Little Voices, Little Scholars on the dinosaur, I thought it was really funny!

  18. Brittani

    Where I posted my comments is at Geography 6, on a post called “Did you know?”. That post was about facts of the world! The other one is at Geography 6 (also), called”Dillion”. That post was about their school and what their life was kinda like!

  19. Peter

    Mrs. Anderson ~ I have visited a Blogger site and commented about owl pellets and I have visited My Web World and commented on his dragon picture.

  20. I blogged on the new zealand kids blog where he said he likes baskteball. I also blogged on another class from New Zealand, I liked the cool music and the drawings.

  21. Nate

    The comment’s I RESPONDED TO were My Web World I responded to I’m responsible the video

    The second blog I responded to was Live And Learn. I responded to the one about the girl learning her math facts and getting ready for their map’s test

  22. Marisa

    I commented on the ghost town reading unit that we read today. Great pictures!

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