What Books do You Like to Read?

We are wondering what you like to read! Please respond to our poll. We plan to make a graph when we’re finished, so check back later to see the results. If you would like, you can also add an explanation to the comment strand describing why you chose the books you chose. It is fun to read other readers opinions. Thanks for taking the time to help us with this project! 

*If you choose “other”, please write the title of your favorite series or book in the green bar provided. We will think of these as book referrals, so please limit choices to titles appropriate for fifth grade..thanks!

If you have time, please also post “others” in the comment strand …we’d love our readers to see the compiled list as well. 



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20 responses to “What Books do You Like to Read?

  1. You should include Richard Peck’s Blossom Culp series. It is one of my favorite series by my favorite young adult author.
    Mr. C

  2. M.K. Goindi

    At the school library in which I work (Elora, Ontario, Canada), novels written by Eric Walters and Nancy Farmer are popular choices that don’t already receive a mention in your poll.

  3. Tanner

    Thank you for your suggestion. House of the Scorpion for example, was very enjoyable.

  4. Tanner

    Thank you for your recommendation as well. I’ve never read that series but I’ll be sure to look into it.

  5. m nokleby

    I think Holes is a classic. It addresses so many social themes, like realistic fiction does. But the element that really won my heart is the magical realism, and the fairy-tale elements.

  6. katya

    I chose the Among the Hidden because its a very interesting and the book seems that it can go on forever in a good way. The way I was introduced to the series is my teacher is reading the it right now to my class.

  7. Lizzie

    I chose the Warriors series because they are amazing books! Big thanks to Erin Hunter, because she (they, because Erin Hunter is acually three different people check out http://www.warriorcats.com to learn more about that) has filled my fifth grade year with adventures and excitment!

  8. Marisa

    I think you should add The Series of Unfortunate Events. I think you should add it because its one of my favorite book series, I’ve read the series 2 times before and I love it!

  9. Percy Jackson because it is awsome!

  10. Preston

    I think you should add the Hardy Boys series to the list. The books are awesome. I love them, because I am on the 14th book!

  11. peterp

    I’ve never liked the Harry Potter Series in my life. EVER!!!!!!!!

  12. Lewis

    I picked the Percy Jackson and the Olympians because they are amazing. I love these book and every time I read them it takes me one day. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out. I have heard it comes out in May. Yay!! I also hope that they make a movie of it.

  13. Leak

    The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series are the best books ever!!!! You can not compare any book in the world with how good these books are. Please blog if you might know a book that is better than the best series in the world. Percy Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. dee

    The series THE DARK IS RISING is an awesome series involving a boy who is looking for the silver chalice that Jesus drank from at the last supper. There are 5 books in the series. Enjoy!

  15. Lizzie

    I can name a better series than Percy Jackson and the Olympians, WARRIORS! I think you’d love it! Like, seven people in my class have read them. They are about a forest full of cats and they must live by the “warrior code.” When kits are born they USUALLY go through”
    1. a kit (baby)
    2. Apprentice
    3. warrior
    4. elder
    5. starclan
    6.(not always) leader or deputy
    This is a series I think everyone should read. Give them a try!

  16. Peter P~ I actually know a few other people who feel as you do about the Harry Potter series. Could you explain a little about why you don’t like the books? I would love to hear your thoughts about the series.

  17. Preston~ I absolutely LOVE the Hardy Boys series too. It has been awhile since I’ve read them, but remember curling up in my sleeping bag with a flashlight reading them during camping trips. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I’m curious 5A~ Have any of you read any of the Hardy Boys books?

  18. I know this response if very late (so sorry!), time seems to be slipping quickly by. Thanks so much for the response! I too, really enjoy Nancy Farmer’s books…and many of my students have read those too, great suggestion! I Googled Eric Walters (found http://www.ericwalters.net ). His books look like they’d be an excellent addition to my classroom library shelves. Thanks for the tip!

  19. Marisa

    My all time favorite book is Alice in Wonderland. I love how Lewis Carol describes Wonderland (I am a big fan of fiction books). My favorite part is when Alice goes to visit the Queen of Hearts and she yells “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” to the card men. Its the best book EVER!

  20. Great recommendation Marisa! I haven’t read that in years! Have you read Anne of Green Gables , Jane Eyre , or The Secret Garden? (click links to read these for free online…a couple are a bit difficult to read on-line as a few of the pages are quite tattered, but what a great way to preview a book to see if you like it!) Another book you may like is Little Women. Authors of all these books are particularly talented in describing setting and bringing you into the story. For that quality I would also suggest The Jungle Book and Treasure Island…all wonderful classics that suit you reading personality nicely (perhaps for summer reading?).
    *All the books above are download-able, but make sure you ask your parents permission before you either download or print these files. Enjoy, and if you give them a try…stop by and let us know what you think!

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