Kindness to Others

handsDescribe a time in your life that you have either offered help to someone, or been given help. This can be an event from any time in your life, but make sure you describe when it was and who was involved. Remember we are on-line, so be sure to describe things carefully given the global audience. When was it? What was your situation? Who all was involved?


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20 responses to “Kindness to Others

  1. Lizzie

    One time I received help was when I was about to fall off my bed (I was not sleeping) my little brother (Nathan) came to the rescue! He had a little “superman” cape on and a black scarf over his eyes, but he ran into the wall because he couldn’t see through his scarf! Even though I didn’t really receive the help I needed, I laughed my HEAD off.

  2. Hannah

    One time someone helped me was last year at my family reunion in Oregon. I LOST my retainer!!!! My mom was so MAD! I only had it for about three months. I didn’t tell anybody for about two hours. When I finally told my mom we looked all through my car. We couldn’t find it anywhere!
    Just before that we were at a lake so my mom took me down there to see if we could find it. My mom said it was a long shot, but it was worth it. I found it in the middle of the path. I was really lucky because people take their dogs there, and ride bikes, and motor bikes there.
    I give big thanks to my mom for driving 20 minutes to find my retainer!!!! She saved me from a years worth of grounding.

  3. Nate

    One time when I helped someone out was when I helped our neighbor. She is a senior citizen named Judy. It all started like this, one day my dad told me to go mow the lawn and I did like he told me. It was my first time ever mowing it. About a month later, (after I had some practice mowing the lawn) I saw her out mowing her lawn with her little electric lawn mower that wasn’t really doing the job. So I went inside to my dad’s office and asked him about mowing my neighbor’s lawn. We talked it over and he said I could have the job if she wanted me to mow her lawn. So about a week later I went over to her house and asked her for the job. She said yes after a little while of discussing it. Now I have been mowing her lawn for two summers and next year I am hoping to tackle three more lawns with my friend River. That is just one thing I’ve done to help out other people.

  4. Katya

    A time I offered to help someone was one year ago when my dad was painting his bedroom. One moment he was happily painting, then the paint can tipped and spilled the paint all over him. He walked into the shower frustrated. Before he walked into the shower I asked if he wanted me to take over for a while. He said it was a sweating job, but I helped him anyway. After my dad came out of the shower he told me to shoo away and quit doing his job.

  5. Dante

    One time someone helped me was when I was at my family reunion with all my cousins and friends. We were playing in my Uncle Jim’s stone pool and I ran into a stone wall with my shoulder. All my cousins and friends ran over and helped me up and took me to find my dad. My Uncle Dale put some bandage tape on it and I went swimming again. Except for when I ran into the stone wall, it was pretty fun day with all my cousins and friends.

  6. Tanner

    One time I have helped someone is when the Student Council at our school decided to start a fundraiser for the our local homeless shelter. The fundraiser consisted of items like soap, combs, shampoo, etc. Besides being fun to manage,the fundraiser was a success!

  7. Impressive! I am learning so much about each of you. To add to this discussion, see if you can think of a book or story you’ve read where a character helped someone. You can describe an event from a book you are reading independently…or something you remember from one of our read-alouds. While describing, make sure to summarize a little about the book so your reader gets a sense of the story.

  8. Lizzie

    In “Fire and Ice” (the 2nd Warriors book- awesome series!!!!!) Two best friends, Fireheart and Graystripe, must find WindClan who was supposedly driven-out of thier camp. They are now striving to provide for thier 11 cats on the outside of the Thunderpath. So Fireheart and Graystripe set off to find the lost Clan. Searching, and searching, and searching. Then FINALLY they find paw-prints in the snow and follow them right smack into the Thunderpath. (Windover Road) They now lead WindClan back into thier old camp.

  9. I am a 4th grade teacher in North Carolina, and I think you guys are doing an AMAZING job with your stories. They are wonderful! Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading about more of your adventures!

  10. Hannah

    I’m reading a book called Warriors; the two main characters are cats. Their names are Fireheart and Graystripe; they are best friends. It is leafbare (winter) and a thaw has just blown throw and melted all of the snow. Every cat thinks it is good news… Until the floods threaten to ruin the cats’ domains. The Riverclan cats have to move there camp onto higher ground. Fireheart and Graystripe go on a patrol. All the sudden Fireheart hears scared kits mewing among the floods. They rescue the kits and take them to Riverclan; the clan that the kits belong to. The mother of the kits, Mistyfoot is so glad to see them.

  11. Marisa

    One time I read a book called Coraline where the main character is in a place called The Other Mothers world. In the beginning Coraline doesn’t like her other life because her parents ignore her. She finds a secret door and decides to go in it. While there she meets her Other Mother.When Coraline disobeys her Other Mother she is put into the mirror. There are ghosts from long ago living inside the mirror too. These ghosts give her advice on how to get out of the mirror and they tell her how they got trapped in the mirror. The Other Mother trapped her inside her perfect world and the ghosts help her escape back to the real world she first wanted to escape.

  12. lgood44

    I am hoping that as a class, you don’t mind if I leave a comment? I am a Twitterfriend of Mrs. Anderson’s and I think your class blog is REALLY cool!

    I have a kindness story that I would like to share with you guys…

    About 5 years ago, I was driving to my aunt’s house. On the way, I passed an old man that was trying to get down his driveway to get his garbage cans that had blown in to the road. The man was using a plastic lawnchair to hold himself up as he teetered his way to the end of the driveway. He lived on a very busy road and his garbage cans were probably 150 feet down the driveway and in the road. It really wasn’t safe for the old man to chase his garbage cans in that busy street.

    The traffic was so busy, that I couldn’t get over to the side of the road to help the man…even though I really wanted to. As it turns out, I ended up taking a wrong turn to my aunt’s house and the street I took ended up wrapping me back around to the original road. Guess who’s house I had to drive by again? Yep – the old man’s! I thought for sure it was a sign because I drive to my aunt’s house all of the time – why else would I make a wrong turn?!?

    So this time around, I worked my way through traffic, so that I could easily pull in the old man’s driveway. By the time I got there, the old man had gotten tired out and was sitting in the lawnchair about half way down the driveway. He looked so tired!

    When I got out of the car, the old man smiled and said, “My angel has arrived.” He said, “I knew you were going to come, so I sat down to take a break.”

    I then chased the man’s garbage cans down and brought them up to his garage. I felt so good after I helped the old man! He was so appreciative of the help!

    I’ve been by that house a million times since that day and I’ve never seen the old man again…but I smile every time I go by! 🙂

  13. Nate

    One time a character helped another person out In a book was in the Eragon series (it was in the third book of the series called Brisinger). It was Eragon himself that saved or helped his relatively close cousin Roran and his fiance, Catrina from the Razac’s lare in Alagaesia. Eragon did this by killing the Razac in a little fight that didn’t involve all of Alagaesia like happens in some wars during the three books. Anyway, Eragon ended up saving Roran and his fiance. When Eragon took them out of the razac’s lare, they had been in the darkness for so long, the sun hurt there eyes (but that is a whole other helping story I’m not telling you because it’s too long).

  14. Natasha

    One time someone helped me was when I broke my wrist twords the end of the third grade, for a few months I would need help from friends and family just to do ordinary things such as cuting steak at dinner, carring my tray at lunch, sometimes I even had to have a friend open up my milk cartons, my string cheeses, and even my bananas, I even had to have my teacher Mrs. Hammond do some of the writing for me . I soon found out that when summer came I wouldn’t be spending much time in the sprinklers becuase my splint was not water proof, UGH, all and all my summer ended ok after I got my stupid splint taken off. Even today it still hurts to do certin things with my right wrist.

  15. Della

    In the book “Deep Trouble” (A Goosebumps Book)
    Doctor Deep, Sheena, and Billy got thrown into the sea by these kidnappers! Luckily there were mermaids in this story. The mermaids helped set Doctor Deep, Sheena, and Billy out of the glass tank!I liked this book so much I would recommend it to anyone who loves scary stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. geoffmcqueen

    I was at the store in my home town in Australia, a place called Wollongong. It isn’t a big place, but people mostly just go about their business and don’t talk to strangers all that much. When shopping on my own, I passed through the checkout and noticed an old guy struggling to carry his couple of bags of groceries home. He didn’t have a car, so I asked if he’d like a ride. He didn’t know me, and I didn’t know him, but he trusted me anyway, and after helping him to the car – he was a bit unsteady on his feet – I drove him the 10 or so blocks home.

    It felt good to help a stranger, and I just hope one day when my legs are shaky and if I’ve fallen on hard times, someone might offer me some help too.

  17. Katya

    One book I read that a character helped somebody was Bright Shadow. Its about a girl named Morwenna that works for the king. In the beginning Morwenna is given five wishes by an old wizard who is about to die. Before the wishes were given to her, he offered them to the king. Madly, the king slapped the old man away. Morwenna has a friend named Swen that thinks he is the wizard but the king wants the wizard dead. In all attempts to kill the wizard, Morwenna keeps saving both him and the people he is traveling with. Her actions only make it easier for the people to believe Swen is the wizard.

  18. Brittani

    A time I had been given help was when I was playing in the back yard (I was 2 years old). There was a BIG dog and he started to growl and bark after I picked up a rock, so I set the rock back down. The dog fell asleep then I picked the rock up again…The dog woke up and thought I was going to throw the rock at him so he came and bit me on the head. I guess I was crying my face off! My 3 year old cousin heard me crying, and came outside to help me. She brought me inside really fast and told my mom. I had 11 stitches in my head that time…..and was helped a lot by my 3 year old cousin.

  19. Peter

    One time my brother Andrew had forgotten to shut the fence and my dog Max (he was blind and he also could not hear) went to the fence and got on the street. While we were eating we heard a car stop.
    My brother and mom looked around the road and found a truck that had hit Max so we brought him to the vet. We found out he was dead. The next day we told his old owner. She was sad for us so she gave us one of her other dogs.
    We thanked her for our new dog named Duffy. We still thank her every day because our new dog is still alive…

  20. Robert

    One time, I was jumping on my trampoline with my older brother. He was coming down right after I was and he bounced me up really high. I came down on my ankle, twisting it inward, and it broke. I had to use crutches for a week or so. After that, I had to wear a ankle cast for awhile that almost looked like a shin guard. It was hard to sleep because I kept on moving when I slept, which hurt. In the end my Brother showed kindness and helped me feel better.

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